Amazing Generosity

We have been delighted this morning to receive a pledge of £10,000 from a local developer towards the costs of building the cafe. This is amazing generosity and we are deeply grateful to them. (Once we have their permission to do so we will happily tell everyone who it is.)

4 thoughts on “Amazing Generosity”

  1. Was it an April fools in bad taste? Or has it really come good?!
    I hope so, this would be a brilliant development and I really hope you get more progress with the fundraising. What about putting up posters at the park advertising the crowd funding site?
    Good luck!

    1. Many thanks for the message. This gift was absolutely genuine and was a fantastic start to our fundraising. We had a bit of a delay on the posters but they are now ready and if they haven’t gone up today they will be going up tomorrow.We will also be applying for a number of grants which are opening soon.

      1. Brilliant! That’s fantastic the donation is genuine, will you be updating the crowd funding page to show it? Or extending the deadline? It looks a bit slow and like the work won’t be able to go ahead from the low percentage of the the target £10k shown as raised on the crowd funding page, which may put other supporters off.
        And brilliant there are posters going up, and grants to apply for. I hope that brings in lots more support.

        1. The £10,000 didn’t come through Crowd Funder which is why it doesn’t show on there. The Crowd Funder site is just one thread that we have been using to raise money. We have also approached a number of firms directly and the £10,000 was in response to one of these approaches. We have also received other gifts from local firms in a similar way, although not as large as this. We have enough money to instruct the architects at this stage and also to commission a topographical survey of the park, so this work is being undertaken at the moment.

          Once we figure out a good way to do it we will add something to the web site to show the total amount that we have raised.

          It is disappointing that the crowd funding hasn’t raised as much as we hoped for this initial stage but there will be further opportunities for people to give in the future and we hope that many more people will take the chance to do so then. We expect that as people see the work progressing they will be more willing to donate. We fully understand this, and it makes us even more grateful to the people who have donated at this early stage.

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