Architects Plans Received

We are delighted to have received the revised architects plans from Pinelog, who are designing and building the cafe. These were on display on Saturday at the Hemlock Happening and we would like to thank the many hundreds of people who visited our stall. There was unanimous praise for the design and we will be moving towards applying for planning permission shortly.




4 thoughts on “Architects Plans Received”

  1. One of the justifications for the facility is the need for toilets. My interpretation of the plans is that these will only be available through the cafe. I am sure there are examples of a similar ‘cafe’ where the access to toilets is external and so they can have longer opening hours than the cafe may be able to offer in and out of season.
    Also is there any possibility of a ‘hatch’ just for serving drinks?

    1. Hi Ann, thanks for the comments. After a lot of discussion we felt that it was safest to have the access through the same main doors for security reasons. However the toilets are at the other side of the lobby to the cafe, which can be closed off, so it will be possible to have the toilets open for longer than the cafe. However we were very wary of the risk of the toilets being misused out of hours, so the toilets will only be open when we have the capacity to supervise them.

      I’m pleased to say that there is a serving hatch (we thought for drinks and ice creams) at the end of the counter, which is on the right hand side as you look at the external drawing of the front.

      Best wishes, David Watts

  2. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the Hemlock Happening and didn’t get chance to discuss the plans. I think I can see how the cafe fits into the park – but is there a larger plan which shows where it will be relative to the existing car park, wooded area, etc? That is, a wider view. It looks like the existing play area will be replaced by a new play area as part of the development?

    1. Hi Jeremy, there are no plans to replace the existing play area. The cafe will be located on the opposite side of this to the car park. The site plan is the most wide picture of the layout available at the moment.

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