This page covers the most frequently asked questions about becoming a co-owner (a member) of the cafe.

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Bramcote Hills Park Community Café is a community interest company limited by guarantee. That means that we exist solely for the benefit of the local community and we do not have any shareholders who need paying. We are owned by members of the local community, and this page sets out what being a member (owner) is all about.

Why Does The Company Want Members?

The company has been set up by a small group of local people, but we said right from the outset that we wanted to give as many people as possible the chance to be involved. We really want this to be a business owned by the local community for the local community.

Equally importantly, we will need to raise funds from a number of sources who will want to know that there really is a demand for the facilities to be built in the park. Having a large membership base is one of the best ways that we can demonstrate how important creating a café and toilets is for the community.

What Do I Get As A Member?

First and foremost, you get the nice warm feeling that you are helping to provide the facilities at the park that so many people have been wanting for so long. We’ll also find some way in the building of displaying the names of the founder members of the company, and we’ll give the founder members a voucher for a free cup of coffee or tea in the café.

More importantly though all the members will have a say about the café. You will be consulted on the location, the design and the way that it operates. When directors retire it will be the members who will appoint new ones, and every member will be able to attend and participate in general meetings. When we have profits to use for community benefits members of the company will have a say about how these are used.

What Risk Do I Take?

Each member guarantees that if the company collapses with debts (which we really don’t anticipate happening) then they will contribute to the outstanding amount. However the maximum amount that anyone can be asked to contribute is just £1. Practically therefore there is absolutely no real risk.

Why Don’t More Firms Do This Then?

As a member you don’t take any risk, but equally you don’t get a share of the profits. Any profit that the café makes will be used for the benefit of the community. People and organisations who invest in shares to make money wouldn’t be interested in a setup like this. The only people who will get a share of the profits of the café will be the local community, through the provision of extra facilities or grants to good causes.


How Do I Become A Member?

It is very easy. Simply send us your name, address and telephone number using the Contact Us page. There is a short form that will need to be signed and we will contact you to arrange for this to be done. Your details will be completely safe and will not be passed on to any other group or individual.